LiveseySolar presents exclusive practice development workshop at the STAAR Surgical EYES Event in Munich

The STAAR Surgical 2019 EYES Event is upon us and this year we’re popping over to Munich on Saturday, the 15th of June. As the exclusive practice development consultants invited by STAAR, we’ll be giving a practice development workshop ‘The Patient Value Journey‘ on how to help their customers (refractive surgery clinics) can fit ICLs into their solutions mix. Why? It’s all part of our mission to help surgeons build the life and practice they love.

The agenda

ICL lenses are high-value offering that can be an ideal refractive solution for many people. Yet, with ICLs being relatively new to the refractive surgery scene, many patients don’t understand them. This can make positioning the ICL lens a particular challenge for surgeons.

Fortunately, Rod Solar and Laura Livesey will share their expert knowledge in marketing to provide surgeons with valuable guidance and strategic advice they can employ to help convey a clear message to the right patient to get the result they want.

Refractive surgery is an area in which there is a neverending list of options and new technologies that clinicians use to compete for patients’ attention. Rod and Laura will show attendees how to cut through the clutter and position ICL within the toolkit of options so that it appeals to patients for whom it’s suitable.

The workshop will be divided into three core areas:

  • Patient avatars
  • Patient before and afters
  • Patient value journey

Patient Avatar SamplePatient avatars – your marketing north star

Before you start marketing anything, you need to know who your ideal customer is, their characteristics, where they hang out, what their challenges are and what they will buy.

Your patient avatar will influence virtually every aspect of your marketing and sales process, from your content and paid traffic, to your copywriting and email marketing campaigns. So it’s very important to get this right.

Rod and Laura will reveal a sample ICL patient avatar during the workshop so get ready to see a vast improvement in your marketing targeting efforts.

The patient’s before and after – the picture of transformation

Once you’ve got the avatars firmly in place, the next step is to analyse the patient’s motivations. What is it that will help them to take action?

As a surgeon, your job is not to just simply fix someone vision, you’re actually getting paid to move people from a “Before” state to a desired “After” state.

In the second part of the STAAR workshop, they will help attendees identify their customers discontent – whether that’s fear, confusion, or just a general feeling of unhappiness.

Understanding your customer’s emotions will help them to overcome their barrier’s and objections so that they can transition into the new and improved after state that they desire. After all, people don’t buy products or services; they buy outcomes.

The patient value journey – the road ahead

The patient value journey is about turning strangers into super-fans.

Rod and Laura will provide attendees with a step-by-step process for attracting, converting, and keeping your best customers. We don’t want to give to much away now, but after they’ve listened to this 8-step strategy and applied it, their patients will be marketing their practice for them.

See you in Munich

We’re excited to meet up with colleagues, customers and friends from around the world for what’s sure to be a memorable educational event. If you’re there, make sure you say hello!

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