LiveseySolar proud to be rated “Excellent” at ESCRS 2014 for Sales Training

We are very excited to report that we have just recently received feedback and ratings about the full-day course we delivered at ESCRS 2014 called "Delivering World Class Consultations". ESCRS for those of you who haven't attended is the European Society for Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and it's an annual conference of about 10,000 eye surgeons that takes place in a different European city each year.

ESCRS 2014: Cost-effective Ways To Attract New Patients

ESCRS 2014: Cost-effective Ways To Attract New Patients   As part of a panel discussion with Mike Malley of the Centre for Refractive Marketing, based of Houston, Texas, the organisers of the Practice Development Days asked me to present on cost-effective ways to [...]

Excellent Reviews from ESCRS 2014 Workshop: Delivering World-Class Medical Consultations

LiveseySolar presents a full-day masterclass at ESCRS 2014 at the Excel London We delivered a full-day Masterclass called "Delivering World-Class Medical Consultations" for Surgeons, Healthcare Professionals and Hospital/Clinic Administrators at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. This year's meeting was held in London on [...]

Healthcare Consultation – The weakest link in the private health sales chain

Healthcare Consultation - The weakest link in the private health sales chain Ok, it's my turn to play Anne Robinson for a moment... Imagine for a moment that your private health practice is a chain that the patient needs to pull to get their hands [...]

Healthcare Consultation Skills: Establishing your credibility and authority

Healthcare Consultation Skills: Establishing your credibility and authority During the practitioner's component of the consultation, the clinician will conduct an examination, overcome objections, perform a credibility statement, and trial close the patient. In this way, the practitioner can perform all the necessary sales functions in [...]

Consultation skills training: Evoking trust by showing you are listening

I often get the opportunity to meet with my training clients after training, and I often ask what challenges they had experienced in implementing the sales process I had taught their staff in the Consultations Skills and Teamwork Training course. A few years ago, I started to see a pattern that troubled me: Manager after manager was telling me that the most challenging part of the consultation was the information confirmation. Strangely, I've witnessed countless health care sales people drop the information confirmation as easily as they might brush dust off their suit jacket lapels. As I heard this, I began to think about how much better their results could have been, if they had only mandatorily enforced the inclusion of this critical component of the sales process.

Healthcare consultations skills: Using intent statements keeps them fresh, personalised and motivating

In our healthcare consultation skills and teamwork course, we ensure that all of the participants write and learn their own intent statements. In our coaching, we help them adapt their intent statements until they fit like a glove and can be delivered with maximum confidence and enthusiasm. This is often the only step in the process that we insist is scripted, learned, rehearsed and repeated verbatim.

Healthcare consultation skills: The 3 biggest mistakes salespeople make

It is essential to listen to our prospective patients in order to tailor-make our healthcare consultations to hold the attention of our clients to suit their needs. Nothing is more important. After the greeting, the warm-up and the intent statement, we're ready to start asking our prospects questions, and ready to start listening to the answers. Skip this step at your peril, for there are major problems that can arise should you not listen to your prospects.

Healthcare consultation skills: Warming up cool customers

Very few customers, in a health care marketing environments, want to get right down to business. Usually, a customer wants to "buy" the person first, the company second, and the product third. Hence, there's very little advantage to launching straight into a discussion of either the company or the product/service you offer before the prospective patient is ready to buy you, personally. If they don't buy you, then whatever you say about the company or the product/service will likely fall on deaf ears.

Healthcare consultation skills: Good greetings reduce selling resistance

Are they excited, bubbling with anticipation, positive and open-minded? Wherever they come from, they probably have a little apprehension. Could they be anxious, concerned, guilty, or even hostile? Maybe they’re afraid – of the situation, commitment, salespeople, the unknown. In this state, are they ready to make a buying decision?