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You’re getting visitors to your website and some are converting into leads, but you think there might be room for visitors (who are not yet ready to book an appointment) to engage with you by exchanging their emails for a valuable information resource.


Typical web visitor conversion rates range between 1 to 5%. That leaves 95 to 99% of visitors who visited your website and didn’t engage at all. Surely, some of those people who weren’t ready to book an appointment when they visited your site might be interested in doing so later on?


We think the number of people that are interested but do not immediately convert is significant. To get them involved, you need to give them something of value in exchange for an email address. That valuable product is a patient information product. An information product sits on your website behind a form. When people fill out the form we’ll automatically mail them healthcare patient information products, a 15-page booklet that distills the essence of what they want to know. You get their permission to send email to their email address and can market to these people through email marketing.

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This is much more than a healthcare brochure. Laura Livesey, Managing Director and Rod Solar, Client Services Director of LiveseySolar discuss how healthcare patient information product can benefit your clinic.

The key benefits of healthcare patient information products

Four important benefits of healthcare patient information products:

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Patient information product options

We have two options for patient information products:

Information Product

  • 10-15 page PDF
  • Website download mechanism
  • Email list management
* Monthly prices 1/12 of annual fees paid up front | Deliverable is a PDF

Have questions about patient information products?

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Features of Patient Information Products

Patient Information Products include:


  • Topic recommendations

  • Custom-designed cover and page template

  • Stock photography

  • Content population

  • Related testimonials

Download mechanism

  • Call-to-action tile

  • Download page & form

  • Thank-you & fulfillment page

  • Autoresponder fulfillment email

  • MailChimp integration to manage lists

“For me, there wasn’t a choice. It was clearly Liveseysolar.”

Watch Robert Morris, Medical Director of Optegra Eye Hospitals, on why he chose LiveseySolar for Healthcare Marketing.

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Have questions about patient information products?

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